Los Angeles Street Level

Seeking Accessibility for All


The goal of Los Angeles Street Level is to raise awareness, visually, about challenges for wheeled access to the city’s sidewalks. Los Angeles is a rewarding city  for exploration and whether traveling by foot or via a wheeled device there is an abundance of beautiful and interesting sights. It is in this spirit that Street Level can reveal some blind spots that appear to exist in the accessible infrastructure of the city. Hopefully our sidewalks can be improved for accessibility, as an asset of civic pride, and means for all explorers to enjoy Los Angeles from street level.

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lastreetlevel_castle-heights_los-angeles_DSC_3142Cheviot Hills

About the author: Jeff Warrington is a native of Napa, CA and moved to the Los Angeles area in January 2001. As the result of a mobility-impairing health condition, he uses a power chair, a Quantum J6. Jeff lives in the Palms area of Los Angeles and journeys stem from there, and often use the LA Metro system, particularly the 733/33 bus line that runs from Downtown to Santa Monica and the Expo rail line, whereby trips are made with gratitude for an Access pass.

First project post: May 1, 2017.