There are no ramps on any of the corners at National Place and Rose Avenue (Mentone Avenue also intersects here, below National), in Palms. Adjacent driveways on Mentone Avenue and Rose Avenue must be used to enter and cross the streets.

lastreetlevel_national-boulevard-rose-avenue_los-angeles_DSC_0117Looking west toward Rose Avenue from the east side of Mentone Avenue, which intersects with Rose and a 90-degree turn in National Place.

lastreetlevel_national-boulevard-rose-avenue_los-angeles_DSC_0119Looking northeast from Mentone Avenue toward National Place where it makes a 90-degree turn. This point is where there is a driveway that can be used to get back to the sidewalk, as there are no ramps at the corners of the intersection.

lastreetlevel_national-boulevard-rose-avenue_los-angeles_DSC_0121The corner of Rose and National (Mentone is below National), where there are no accessibility ramps.

lastreetlevel_national-boulevard-rose-avenue_los-angeles_DSC_0141Looking southeast from the corner of National Place and Rose Avenue, where there is no accessibility ramp.