There is a crosswalk, but no ramp on the west side of Cattaraugus Avenue at Reynier Avenue.

lastreetlevel_cattaraugus-avenue-reynier-avenue-10-freeway_los-angeles_DSC_9990The crosswalk at Reynier Avenue on Cattaraugus Avenue. In this image, is a driveway that provides the only access to the sidewalk from this stretch of Cattaraugus where it passes below the 10 Freeway detailed in another post.

lastreetlevel_cattaraugus-avenue-reynier-avenue-10-freeway_los-angeles_DSC_0012Detail of the intersection of Cattaraugus Avenue and Reynier Avenue, where there are no ramps to cross Cattaraugus from west to east.

As a sidenote, between Reynier Avenue and the 10 Freeway underpass, on Cattaraugus, there is a pedestrian path adjacent to the 10 Freeway that connects Cattaraugus Avenue to Helms Place. The path is overgrown, but accessible.

Issues nearby in this area of Pico-Robertson are detailed here.

A pedestrian path, at Helms Place, that connects with Cattaraugus Avenue.