The corners of Cattaraugus Avenue at Regent Street lack ramps. To go north on Cattaraugus, under the 10 Freeway, requires use of the street until a driveway on the other side of the freeway, near Reynier Avenue.

lastreetlevel_cattaraugus-street-regent-street-10-freeway_los-angeles_DSC_9982The southwest corner of Regent Street and Cattaraugus Avenue, where there is no ramp.

lastreetlevel_cattaraugus-street-regent-street-10-freeway_los-angeles_DSC_0016Looking south on Cattaraugus Avenue, where the lack of a ramp at Regent Street requires use of the street for access.

lastreetlevel_cattaraugus-street-10-freeway_los-angeles_DSC_0013Looking south on Cattaraugus Avenue at the 10 Freeway underpass. There are no ramps in the area of Regent Street, requiring use of the street until a driveway on Cattaraugus (behind the position of this photo).

lastreetlevel_cattaraugus-street-10-freeway_los-angeles_DSC_9999Detail of the sidewalk, once reached via a driveway on Cattaraugus Avenue. Regent Street, where there is no ramp, is on the opposite side of the underpass.